The General Administration Department, Secretariat Administration Wing looks after various important subjects entrusted to it by ‘The Government of Mizoram ( Allocation of Business Rules, 2014)’. The Department functions under the leadership of the Hon’ble Chief Minister Pu LalduhomaThe Secretariat is headed by the  Pu Vanlaldina Fanai, ICAS, Commr. & Secretary ably assisted by Additional Secretary Pi Irene Zohlimpuii Chongthu, MCS  and Deputy Secretary, Pu Alan Lalthanzara, MCS, two Under Secretaries Pi Lalzikpuii, MCS (E) and Pi Zoramthangi, MSS (A) two Superintendents Pi Lalramdini, MSS (E) and Pu Lalbiakthanga Hnamte, MSS (A). Secretariat Administration Wing has a total number of 80 staff.

Secretariat Administration Wing is entrusted with an important responsibility of administering the Mizoram Secretariat. The GAD, SAW is divided into 2(two) wings, SAW (Establishment) and SAW (Accounts) each having a separate Controlling Officer. Under these two wings there are other several branches having a particular assignment.

SAW (E) : The Department is entrusted with the work of all matters relating to  UDC, LDC and IV Grade staff. Maintaining their Service Book, transfer and posting of UDC, LDC and IV Grade, recruitment, pension and GPF (Advance and Non Refundable Withdrawal)  of Secretariat staff. It also deals with all matters relating to Departmental proceedings of Secretariat staff. Room accommodation of every Department and Officers, Security of the Secretariat and beautification of Secretariat Office and its surroundings is one crucial role of the department.

Under SAW (E), there are 4 (four) different wings

1. SAW (Vehicle Section) : This branch is solely responsible in maintaining and repairing Secretariat Vehicles, allotting vehicles to VIP and Officers. This wing also deals in maintaining Service Books of Secretariat Drivers and Mechanics and their recruitment.

2. SAW (EPABX) : This branch is assigned the task of installation of Telephone/ Intercom and maintaining Telephone Directory within the Secretariat Office.

3. SAW(Record & Advance) : This branch is responsible for sanctioning House Building Advance, Car Advance, Scooter Advance and maintenance of Accounts, record thereof of all Secretariat employees.

4. SAW(C.R Section) :  This branch plays a crucial role of receiving and distributing Daks from Post Office and other Offices. 

SAW (A) : The Department deals with Pay Bills of Ministers, all Gazetted and Non-Gazetted Officers of Secretariat, T.A Bills, M.R Bills all kinds of contingency bills and Budget estimates of the Secretariat.

 The different wing under SAW(A) are :

1. SAW(G) : This branch is assigned the task of maintaining and repairing office equipments like Xerox machine, fax machine, computer etc.

2. SAW(Store) : This branch is allotted the work of handling and distributing stationery supplies and office furniture of Officers and Staff within the Secretariat.

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